We Offer a Wide Selection of American Dishes

Satisfy everyone in your party with a huge selection of American favorites as well as daily drink specials at our full bar. Place your order for takeout or visit our convenient location! We offer happy hours from Monday to Friday.

Daily Specials

The Big Three


The Big Willy

Y'all. It's back. Thick sliced grilled bologna on sliced sourdough with cheddar chesee, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard and an egg fried medium well. Choice of side.
$ 9.99

Pesto Pita Flatbread

Bistro style flatbread with turkey, spinach, red onion, tomatoes, melted mozzarella and a homemade pesto mayonnaise. Choice of side.
$ 9.99

French Dip Bowl

Tender pot roast on mashed potatoes with grilled onions & mushrooms, Swiss cheese au jus. Finished with sliced green onions and homemade horseradish sauce.
$ 10.99

Dinner Special - Bake Rotini

Available Tuesday through Saturday after 4 PM. Tender rotini in an Italian cheese sauce smothered in a garlic beef and sausage marinara and finished with fresh shaved melted mozzarella. Served with grilled French bread and a pre-meal house or Caesar salad.
$ 14.99




  • Best beer selection
  • Best lunch in under 30 minutes

Among the best:

  • Outdoor dining 
  • Happy hour 
  • Sports bars 
  • Restaurant wait staff 
  • Atmospheres. 
  • Po-Boys 


  • Best beer selection
  • Best lunch in under 30 minutes

Among the best:

  • Outdoor dining 
  • Happy hour 
  • Sports bars 


  • Best beer selection
  • Best lunch in under 30 minutes

Among the best:

  • Outdoor dining 
  • Happy hour 
  • Sports bars 

2018 State-Wide winner of the Restaurant Neighbor Award


Doug Pellum always dreamed of owning a restaurant.  When he opened Zachary's, he wanted charity to be the focus of its culture, but he never expected it would become a fundraising hub for the city.  Doug and his team hold countless events to raise funds for worthy causes, including $4,500 towards Hurricane Harvey Relief, $1,250 for the Susan G. Komen Cancer Walk, and $1,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  The military and police are a special focus of their generosity.  Police officers who come to Zachary's in uniform receive a 50 percent discount.  Since 2014, Zachary's has partnered with the chamber of commerce to host classes for 160 incoming Air Force Pilots.  In 2017, when a beloved local musician passed away unexpectedly, Zachary’s assembled sponsors, partners and a roster of bands to create a unique, family-friendly music festival to honor him and provide his young widow with over $36,000 to help provide for her children.

First winner of Columbus Mayor Robert Smith’s Business of the week in August 2018 
Zachary's restaurant is the City of Columbus Business of the Week for September 19, 2018. Mayor Robert Smith made the announcement Wednesday saying the city is proud to honor Zachary's. The restaurant is located at 205 5th Street North, across from the Trotter Convention Center.
"As our first-ever Business of the Week, Zachary's is an excellent member of the business and social community of Columbus," Mayor Smith said. "Doug and his staff serve excellent food and give back so much to our community. I am thankful they are here."
Zachary's opened in 2001 and is owned and operated by Doug Pellum. The restaurant was named after his son's middle name. Community service has always been part of the restaurant for Doug. In the past two years alone, over $70,000 has been raised for the community at Zachary's.
This year, Zachary's was one of three restaurants in the state to win the 2018 Restaurant Neighbor Award. This is a national award that honors restaurants that go above and beyond in community service. Area agencies that have held fundraisers include the Arts Council, Humane Society, Cancer Society and many more.
Great food is the star of the business. One of the favorites are grilled wraps, but their burgers and fish are also favorite each day. True to great Southern cooking, po-boys sandwiches and big salads are also on the menu with beautiful deserts.
The restaurant has been open so many years that some children of the original employees have now worked at the restaurant too. The restaurant was opened on 18th Avenue for one year before moving to its present location in 2002.
Congratulations to Zachary's as Columbus Business of the Week! Thank you for what you do for our city.

Customer Reviews

Mason Gerberg

“It's hands down some of the best food you can get in the area. They have reasonable prices for the food, and their staff are always friendly and willing to answer any questions about the food. Overall a place you have to go to if you're in Columbus.”

Max S.

“I think I have tried every thing on the menu. Never had a bad meal. Can't pick just one, because they are all great. The atmosphere is the best of any restaurant in town. The staff is what makes this place great. They do a ton of work and they seem to have a fun time doing it. For causal Dinning this is the one of the best places in Columbus. We have tried them all and zackarys is the best!”

Stephanie Frake Partridge

“Zachary's is a mainstay of downtown Columbus, MS. Good food, good people, good prices. In the evenings they sometimes have live music as well.”

Meredith C.

“Zachary's is an awesome, laid back place  to eat! It's conveniently located downtown and it's one of the only restaurants in town with outdoor seating...which blows my Mind because the city is on a river...but I'll complain about that elsewhere. The new chef has an amazing menu. The shrimp wrap is delicious, the pasta dishes are phenomenal, and the shrimp/fish salads are healthy and tasty. I also appreciated that all meals are served on pewter dishes. Also, they have one of the best bottled beer selections in town. All in all, a fun location for dinner or lunch.”

Jackie Taylor

“Food was delicious, portions were so large we all had enough Left over for lunch the next day. Our waitress was wonderful.”